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Tomas Gallucci
Me making a silly face

Though I grew up listening to classical music and spend the majority of my time listening to scores, I thoroughly enjoy 60's and 70's music and the occasional eclectic rap song.

I started out wanting to be a computer programmer and thought that SysAdmins were the devil. After dropping out of college twice as a CS major, I thought I'd rather admin. Now that I finally get paid to write code on a daily basis, I'm once again torn between the two.

I subscribe to Stephen King's belief On Writing but I have no Ideal Reader(IR). Speaking of subscriptions, I subscribe to The Writer.

I also collect notebooks but never use them. I want now have a Moleskine that I take with me to take notes in at political events.

I write about a multitude of subjects from politics to Film Reviews and pretty much everything in between.

I am going to go back to school and pursuing a BS in Computer Science with an emphasis on Networking. I was considering an Associate's in Photography, but I keep getting the same instructor and I'm not 100% satisfied with how he handles his classes.

I want to get paid to fly around the globe to meet the movers and shakes of the world and write about it, but I don't think I could support myself on journalism. I need something more stable.

After I finish the BS in Networking, I plan on picking up an Associates in Computer Forensics; I'm debating a Master's in Computer Security behind that.

I know I don't know my rights because it's not in the government's interest to teach those in K-12, so I have a very strong desire to go to law school just so I know how to behave appropriately in a given situation that asserts my rights and maximizes my liberty.

I took a two-week Kamikaze course in desktop publishing after publishing a church newsletter for a year. Then I combined my layout skills with my writing skills and did both for the church bulletin and the UAH Exponent.

I plan on making a number of films, writing at least one novel and publishing on a semi-regular basis in various perodicals, online or otherwise. I think it could be fun to run a newspaper.

I am currently looking for work as a freelance writer. If you like what you see in this blog and would like to hire me, contact me via this link

If you like what you see in the blog, you can give value for value or fulfill one of my wishes.

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