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Obama's Lying Again: This Ain't Compromise


Our Dear Leader Supreme Dictator for Life His Royal Majesty Lord Barack Hussien Obama The Most Merciful said that he was ready to drop the public option from the healthcare bill and the American people are supposed to see this as compromise. But Sen. Richard Shelby correctly assessed that this move was "a step away from the government takeover of the health care system." Translation: removing the public option is no compromise.

Senator Shelby is absolutely right. The way that Liberals view compromise is thusly: I win, you lose, then you lose some more. (Chapter Title from Confrontational Politics)

Barry has learned a thing or two from the insurance business. It's called dangling a carrot.

For instance, if you are in a wreck, there is something in your auto policy called Pain & Suffering. If you think that this misleading title is the title of the clause of your policy that pays for your medical bills, you would be wrong. Pain & Suffering in this context is compensation, typically no less than three but up to five times the cost of medical expenses. The idea is that you lost more than the money it took to get you fixed up; you also lost time and income from your job, etc. So Pain & Suffering is designed to step in and compensate you for what you lost, even potentially giving you a little bit more than what you had to start with so you can get back on your feet again and "get on with the business of living."

So how does this work in practice? First, the insurance company doesn't tell you about this clause of the policy because it's nothing but a black hole for them. Instead, they try to get you to settle the claim as fast as possible because once you sign on the dotted line, they are no longer obligated to pay out.

So let's say that you've just been enlightened by my column here but got into a wreck after reading my words. You then call up your insurance company and ask about Pain & Suffering. Your adjuster will say something like this: "Awe shucks! Yeah, I forgot to mention that. Does $500 sound good to you?" And this is where you screw up. Your adjuster is hanging a carrot out for you to be content with. In reality, your medical bills were $1000, so you're entitled to no less than $3K and potentially as much as $5K. So you ask for the $5K and your adjuster gets all flabbergasted saying "That's impossible. Are you out of your mind?" That's when you say, "Alright then. I'll have my lawyer sue for $7K." If you insurance company sticks to their stonewalling strategies, they wind up and pay out more money than they had to compensating not only you but your lawyer.

Now let's apply that logic to what the White House has done.

The White House has fought hand and tooth to not even tell you about the Pain & Suffering that's due you. In fact, Barry has on ever occasion possible attempted to sell the American public on this bill of goods that "50 million Americans are uninsured" and that's where the real problem is. If only we insured the uninsured we'd have clean water, clean air and rainbow powered cities. But of course that's not how it works. If you insure all these people, they all eventually get sick and ultimately die.

Now we all know that there are Liberals on the Hill like ex-Governor of Colorado Richard Lamm who think that "Elderly people who are terminally ill have a duty to die and get out of the way instead of trying to prolong their lives by artificial means." Obama has said as much himself when he suggested that it would be better for all if the elderly took pain killers instead of opting for expensive procedures and drugs.

The fact of the matter is, HR 3200, the Kennedy Bill, or any other piece of legislation that comes from the Obama Administration on health care is bunk. Obama doesn't want to reform a damned thing. What he wants to do is be able to play God and decide who gets to live and who gets to die. Treatment will be based on how much political power you have.

Obama wanted this plan approved by Congress and on his desk by the August recess. Instead, what happened was the American people read the bill and have told the President and his goons under no uncertain terms to go to hell. So Barry sent thugs constituents from SEIU, ACORN and various government agencies and officials to scare and beat people into submission. That hasn't worked. Barry then tired running a snitch website and we as America have rallied around the Fourth Amendment and again told Barry "NO" and again Barry doesn't listen. So now he's offered a compromise: I'll give up on part of my plan if you'll let me have the rest of it..

The answer is NO! NO! NO! NO! just like the scene in It's a Wonderful Life when George Bailey shakes hands with Potter after Potter tries to persuade George to give up the Building and Loan to work under contract for Potter. Removing the public option is just a way for Obama and the rest of his administration (Nacy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Rodham Rodham, etc.) to advance their agenda. They aren't given up anything.

Right now they have to leave the table empty-handed. This so-called "compromise" is nothing more than a dangling a carrot. Don't fall for it like Senator Shelby when he says, "we ought to look at it. I think it's a far cry from the original proposals." NO IT'S NOT! If Senator Shelby had stopped talking when he said this is "[one] step away from the government takeover of the health care system", then he too would see what a fallacy it is to play ball under these new terms. There is no reason we have to dance to Obama's tune.

Folks, this fight is nearly won. The Obama isn't retreating just yet, he's falling back and regrouping. Obama has done nothing but lie since he's gotten into office. This is just more of the same. Call your reps in both houses and tell them to VOTE NO on healthcare reform.

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