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Independent Citizens Organize Behind Candidates, Wheels of Change Begin to Turn

Concerned Citizens for Lawrence County President Thomas Beach

MOULTON--Both Les Phillip (R Congressional District 5) and Paul Bussman (R State Senate District 4) received unanimous endorsements by the Concerned Citizens of Lawrence County today. The endorsements came after the conclusion of a pancake breakfast attended by a group of about fifty concerned citizens.

"I have a strong panel." said Thomas Beach, President of Concerned Citizens of Lawrence County (CCLC), commenting on the panel's unity.

Asked for the justification for the panel's endorsements, Beach had this to say:

Les Phillip
"Les Phillip understands what made this country great--the Constitution was not created to grant power but rather to keep the government off our backs. Les is a small business owner who has given up his time to make things right for North Alabama. He continues to uphold his oath to defend and protect the Constitution."

Paul Bussman
Paul Bussman is the Paul Revere of our time. Instead of yelling "The British are coming! The British are coming!" Paul warns "The Statists are coming!"

The panel did not endorse Madison County Commissioner Mo Brooks who is also running for the District 5 Congressional seat on the Republican ticket.

During remarks made at the breakfast, Phillip said, "We haven't failed because we have acted according to the Constitution. America's problems come from not following the Constitution."

Bussman campaigned on infrastructure. "If we don't provide the infrastructure for businesses who are looking for a place to locate, we don't get a second chance. They have businesses to run and write us off.

"It doesn't make any sense to spend two hours in the car every day when we can have jobs right here in Lawrence County five minutes away. Time spent commuting to and from work is time that isn't spent with our families."

CCLC is planning larger event some time later this year.

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