Tomas Gallucci (schpydurx) wrote,
Tomas Gallucci

A Quick Update

ehowton and I had a conversation about this week. We both agreed that this week's pace of events was faster than "breakneck" and would take some time for everyone to catch their breath, distill the information overload and then report on it all.

Tomorrow I watch and review State of Play. Also, I will attempt to put my thoughts together on the Somali pirates and the T. E. A. parties. Don't forget that Wednesday is Urf Day. You can count on me to bring you an insightful post on how you can assuage your middle-class guilt over being a productive member of society.

P.S. I just watched The Butterfly Effect for the first time Friday night. Now I really want Michael Suby's score from La-La Land Records. I want it so much, I added it to my Wish List. Help me procure, Friends List!
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