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I'm Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired - Multiplayer vi [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tomas Gallucci

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I'm Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired [Mar. 16th, 2009|09:33 am]
Tomas Gallucci
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[music |James Newton Howard - Unbreakable]

Well, here's another one of those posts that I don't think is real blogging.

So the wisdom tooth on the bottom right didn't flare down, it flared up. I finally called Dad yesterday to get some relief. It took a while for him to get back to me, but we connected in the end. Since I was shopping in Walmart, I had him call the prescription in there and let me tell you, economically, it was the best decision I'd ever made. The last time I paid for a round of Amoxi, it was $14 at RiteAid. Yesterday, I paid a grand total of $4.

Yesterday I didn't even feel sick. Yes, the tonsils were swollen, yes there were problems, but I felt worse when I woke up this morning than I did at any point yesterday. Well at least I got some grocery shopping and laundry done yesterday.

When I finally got home and settled, I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup and was going to work on the House post I've been promising. As soon as I finished my soup, my body shut down like a blackout. I stayed in bed a lot last night. So coming up next (I'm pushing for 12ish CDT today) is the House post!

[User Picture]From: ehowton
2009-03-16 11:49 am (UTC)
God and you know I love it when you post about House.

I can't wait!

Get well soon.
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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2009-03-16 11:52 am (UTC)
Thanks for the well-wishes.

I have a theory in mind about how the next couple of episodes are going to go. Stay tuned!
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[User Picture]From: ehowton
2009-03-16 12:28 pm (UTC)
I won't be reading any spoilers.
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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2009-03-16 12:47 pm (UTC)
I will spoil past episodes to explain my theory.
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[User Picture]From: ehowton
2009-03-16 12:27 pm (UTC)
Aye, its worse than that. I'm leaving...um, now for the remainder of the day.

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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2009-03-16 12:46 pm (UTC)

Is this the tonsil remomving thing you told me about?
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[User Picture]From: ehowton
2009-03-16 11:07 pm (UTC)
Prep-work, yes. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Today I took the kids to my folks, leaving my daughter there while my son convalesces.
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