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Chattanooga, Day 1 - Multiplayer vi [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tomas Gallucci

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Chattanooga, Day 1 [Jun. 8th, 2006|01:17 am]
Tomas Gallucci
[Tags|, ]

You're all probably wondering where I am since I've been incognito all day. If you're not wondering, that just goes to show who my real friends are. I took off today and went to Chattanooga. There will actually be two post since I will be here two days. Each post will contain two parts: the itinary and the thoughts.


0330 - scramble to pack
0420 - fill up at Cowboy's on Jordan Lane
0430 - depart Huntsville listening to the Hannibal soundtrack.
0515 - change disc to Celtic Wave
0550 - arrive Chattanooga
0600 - arrive Racoon Mountain via Cummings road, call Will
0605 - depart Racon Mountain via Cummings, get on I 24 above GA line
0630 - stop at rest area to collect maps and hopefully buy a note book
0655 - arrive Ruby Falls
0705 - arrive Rock City, call home
0730 - depart Rock City for Panera Bread
0815 - arrive Panera Bread
0817 - buy notebook at adjacent BP
0820 - arrive Panera Bread, order cafe blend, moring glory bagel w/honey walnut spread and a cinnammon roll

Times are now in EST

1005 - depart Panera Bread
1050 - arrive Roc City, buy tickets for Acquarim, IMAX, Ruby Falls, Rock City and Incline
1055 - text Eric to start the guessing games
1105 - picture is taken by Kodak at start of trail.
1231 - depart Rock City
1252 - arrive Ruby Falls
1400 - arrive at falls site
1430 - end tour

Thoughts in EST
0941 - Have been thinking about Tony's NYC entry and wondering what he and Eric will have to say about this trip.

I hope that the hotel has free internet access. PC included so that I may update tonight.

It is 0846 CST and Will still hasn't called.

I wonder what it would have been like to had LivingIsEasy come along. This thought reminds me of the butterfly post and as such, in a way, this is a dream come true: early morning car ride/getaway and the first offical stop is Panera Bread.

Thought about Jesse who, by now, should be safely on the ground in Germany. He promised to keep a paper journal on the trip and transcribe to his blog upon return. I wonder what he will think about this.

I can already imagine being in the hole tonight reading Mossflower.

I wonder why Writing Passion hasn't communicated/stopped by in forever.

Originally, I wanted to do the following:

  • Ruby Falls

  • Rock City

  • Battles of Chatanooga

  • Acquarim

  • walk-through/tour

  • Deep Sea IMAX movie narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet

  • behind the scenes @ 3

However, I have ruled out Battles dure to time constraints. Perhpas that will be another trip. Today I think will be Ruby Falls and Rock City. Tomorrow will be Lookout Mountain and the acquarim, possibly just the acquarim.

I think I would like to go to the theater tonight.

There is a cute girl that works here. I should ask her out. Possible pick-up line: The world is in short supply and high demand for cute girls like you

I should probably get back to Rock City and buy tickets before I loose too much time. I wonder how long I will hold out not having slept, what will be for lunch, and what will be for dinner.

The coffee leaves much to be desired. I shall have to settle for an Amp or MDX.

1104 - I hate when you tell people to guess and they say "I don't know."

The girl at the stand is pretty. I'll flirt with her.

Howton guessed London. Ass.

Mission accomplished!

1111 - The first part of the trail is shady and cool. I removed my sunglasses. Told Howton that teh place starts with a "C".

1115 - Howton guesses "Cincinati". I decide to text Tony.

1121 - Reach "Deer Park". It reminds me of some zoo I've seen in some film, possibly Madagascar.

1123 - Deer Park suddenly makes me think of Amy.

1127 - Flirt with a cute girl working concession stand. Tell her she is cute and should go into on-screen advertisement because she will sell whatever she advertises because she is so pretty.

1130 - I tell Howton to think "Rock"

1135 - Cross the swing bridge. Intresting sensation. Makes you glad they use stunt men and CG.

The view is "spec-tac-u-lar"

1142 - Arrive at Lover's leap. I'd leap, if only I were a lover. Alas, I am not.

1152 - I should probably mention that I'm wearing my Lee Univeristy Guatemaula Mission shirt and have gotten several comments about it. I told the fly-in story to an older couple. Be sure to ask me about this some time.

1155 - Howton calls to see if I was just playing a game or if I'd actually tell him where I was. He suggests that since I'm trying to get away from it all that I turn off all communication devices immediately.

1200 - Go through Fat Mans' Squeeze. I wonder how much fun it would be to go through hugging your significant other.

1203 - I get Howton's text message that Castle Rock is a fictional town in Stephen King novels.

1211 - I sit under the 1000-ton balanced rock. I'm not impressed.

1212 - Enter the "Hall of the Mountain King". Of course, I hear a few bars of Grieg in my head.

Upon entering, the tempature immediately drops no less then 10 degrees.

I still can't help but wonder what this trip would be like with female companionship.

1217 - The wall at the exit of the "Hall of the Mountain King" is covered with moss/alge.

I wonder how long (verticle height) this will be on the screen. Perhaps I will break the "Thoughs" section up by location, making each a seperarte post. It's hard to tell looknigat my chicken tracks.

1221 - Enter Fairylan Caverns. Like most other palces along the trail, they won't allow you to smoke here. Glad I didn't bring my cigars along.

When I entered and heard strains of country music, I farted. I wonder if this emmission passes muster with the smoking ban.

I wrote that last comment sitting on a rock wall, one knee propped up by my heel, my back against a cold rock wall. The wall feels so good.

Inside the cavern, there are stalgtits (pointing down) and those rocks they make bookends out of.

1231 - Exit Rock City, buy picture, head to Ruby Falls

1252 - Arrive at Ruby Falls. As I pulled up, I thoguht of Miss Right. don't know why I thought about her in particular, but I did.

Swapped the Timex for the Relic, perhpas to see if it will get any comments. I wonder if it is out of place.

This attraction is a guided tour. This bites. There probably won't be many recorded thoughts on this one. ETA till tour start: 10 min.

1400 - Got to the falls. My only thought was "I wonder what it would take to send a camera over the falls and remain in-tact to get the images off the machine."

1430 - Tour ends.

1535 - Arrive at Point Park. Am tired and hungry, but I will perservere. This is what I thought the Incline went up to; it is merly next to it. Perhaps I can pawn my Incline ticket off on some unsuspecting tourist. This is what I remember and came back for.

I keep associating Lookout Mountain with Big Round Top from the movie Gettysburg

1550 - My gut feelign is that I will not stay her long. This idea is not bourne from exhaustion due to lack of sleep nor from bordom' rather, it is as though this park is a trysting place for me. Though it pains me to say it, I feel as though I am one with the what happened here so long ago.

It is very tranquil here. Perhaps I should make this my getaway; the cost is only that of the drive and the $3 at the gate. I should come up here early morning, wirte all day, then drive home. With nothing but the sound of the wind blowing and no one else around, I find this park very theruputic.

Maybe it has to do with the view and maybe it doesn't. Maybe it's the history and myabe it isn't. Perhaps it's the comobnation of the two. Maybe it is simply because I've been her as a child and now I get the oppurtunity to respect it as an adult. I should come here more often.

If only it were this easy solving life's problems.

1610 - What is it that this place is doing to me? What is it trying to say? I feel it within my being. I am so near to discovering and putting into words what I am feeling and yet I know I'm a million lightyears away. Have I found a new resolve? No. Do I feel rejuvinated and ready to tackle my problems head on? No. I am not ready to do an blessed thing. BUt I have found peace here today, an inner stilling that is nearly restful. I still feel weary, but I'm no longer depressed.

I wished I had someone to share this moment with, yet I know that would not be benefical.

I'm torn in two: I know I have nothing to do and no place to be for several hours, yet I feel that I should be busy doing something productive. It's as though I feel an obligation to do something even though I know I would not dedicate myself to the task at hand and would therefore make no progress.

I desperately wnat to share this moment with someone although I know that there is a healing process going on here. Right now, my desire to eat is surprassed only by my desire to expirement sexually and yet I know the former wil happen in due course while the latter will not.

I want to leave and settle in for the night, yet something tells me to stay a little longer.

Does it bother me at this moment to see young couples cuddling? No, it doesn't depress me, but it does make me sad that I have noe one to engage with.

Maybe I should leave now, get some rest and food and come back tomorrow. I'll stay a few moments longer.

1847 - I will leave now and settle in for the night. I think I took a 20 min power nap.

0037 - I don't really remember what time I left the Point Park. I do remember watching this couple make out. It was arousing.

Got to the hotel around 1900. Thought about swimming, but that would have required buying swim trunks and I have not swam in 8 years. Too exhausted to do anything.

Passed out and awoke some time later. Shaved and showered with the intention of going out to eat, but crashed and slepts until 2330. Beth called and we talked for an hour.

She mentioned that she watned to do something like this with John. I thought of tagging along should they come, but that would depend on the mood and schedule. Probably not prudent.

I'm not going to the business center to type this up since I'm awake. Hungry, but dubious that anything is open.

0053 - Arrive at Waffle House. There is no scanner in the business center, so you will have to wait on the Rock City picture.

I start off with the grilled Texan Patty Melt, coffee and milk. That's good (except the coffee) but I'm hankerin' for an egg sandwich. Reminds me of the time I was sick and let Reggie borrow the car in exchange for bringing me an egg sandwich from Waffel House.