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DGN's A Thousand Storms - Multiplayer vi [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tomas Gallucci

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DGN's A Thousand Storms [Jun. 17th, 2008|07:45 pm]
Tomas Gallucci
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ehowton and I had a sort of running joke between us. Over the past eighteen months, I've taking to writing few blog posts as I enjoy commenting more. However, being a typical writer, I would think about posting all the time, composing posts in my head. As I had very little output, ehowton would call to find out about my day, etc, and I'd start to tell him about some event in the recent past and say, "I blogged about it." And he'd say, "No you didn't." This occurred with such regularity as he finally told me to assume that I had not posted unless told otherwise.

Well, here's another example of something I could have swore that I posted, but alas, I did not.

Back in January, I helped out with DGN's A Thousand Storms music video shoot. It was a two day shoot, Friday and Saturday with Sunday planned as a pickup day. I couldn't make it out Friday because of work, but there was an 0700 call set for Saturday. I was still delivering Friday nights back then.

There were a few issues that came up. Jesse the cameraman had a new rig he was testing, but he didn't pack his Mac Pro to dump the footage, so I volunteered miniMax0r. The idea was that they'd come over Friday night after shooting, dump the footage and be ready to go Saturday.

This did not go according to plan. In fact, not a whole lot did. The crew was wore out from Friday's shoot and I didn't get the camera, so the footage never got dumped. I woke up late Saturday and flew down 565 only to get a ticket for going 89 in a 70, and that was after I saw the cop coming down the ramp and put on the brakes. Of course, production was running behind, so I don't think we even got started until after 0900. I then had to go back to Huntsville to pick up miniMax0r for a layout job and to dump the footage on set as well as pick up card for a prop. That's when we decide to pull the footage.

Pulling the footage meant making a pilgrimage to Wallyworld for an external drive as there was no where else to put the 180GB dump. Remembering how when I was in Texas for The Party to End all Parties we had to use the command line to transfer data that the GUI would not, I decided to employ a similar trick in this situation...which somehow I fat-fingred and ran twice simultaneously, so the first copy command would dump it's buffer and then the second one would come along, erase that segment and write it again, thus effectively doubling the transfer time. NOT GOOD.

Shooting finally commenced after a bunch of shooting the shit waiting on the machine to do its job, but during this time, a lot of friends of the band showed up, which made the additional photography more difficult to control and get. I think we had a 2100 deadline to be out of the location with it cleaned up; I don't think we got out of there until 0200.

So I should have told you this story in January, but you're getting it in June. One thing I will tell you about in a timely fashion is that I had the opportunity to interview DGN's notorious drummer Chris Bertoldi, who took the time to tell me about the band, their peculiar name and how E-Harmony changed his life; that interview is coming up next, so stay tuned.