Tomas Gallucci (schpydurx) wrote,
Tomas Gallucci


My friends, I want to apologize for my recent actions.

Yesterday, I received a phone call stating that my account had been hacked because frozen comments had been deleted. In past experience with frozen comments, once frozen they could only be deleted by the owner of the blog that froze them. Live Journal has apparently done an about face on this. I are still investigating the issue.

With regards to deleting comments, I find this a shitty thing to do. It throws off the threads. Those that read the comments regularly remember what is written within them, proving the old adage, Words once spoken cannot be taken back.

I would like to apologize to Miss Ellis for the inconvenience caused by this comedy of errors. Had the facts been better checked this would not have occurred. My most recent post was made in error and will therefore be turned into a protected post so that the comments may continue to exist but the site only accessible to a few.

I am still investigating the possibility of restitution and rectification. Please bear with me as I work through this issue.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused.

Tags: apology, retraction
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