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Tomas Gallucci

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whester learns how to type and spell [Apr. 5th, 2008|04:24 pm]
Tomas Gallucci
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Some of you may remember my my first few attempts at blogging. I had recently been introduced to bash.org and though I have never "hung out" on the site, it is amusing to go back and read the quotes from time to time.

1. Save every Free Credit Card Offer you get, Put it in pile A

2. Save every Free Coupon You get, put that in pile B

3. Now open the credit card mail from pile A and find the Business Reply Mail Envelope.

4. Take the coupons from pile B and stuff them in the envelope you hold in your hand.

5. Drop the stuffed to the brim envelopes in your mail and walk away whistling.

I have now received two phone calls from the credit card companies telling me that they received a stuffed envelope with coupons rather then my application. They informed me that it they are not pleased that they footed the bill for the crap I sent them. I reply with "It says Business Reply Mail" I'm suggesting coupons to you to ensure that your business is more successful. They promptly hang up on me.

Now, I did this for about a month before it got boring, so I got an added idea! I added exactly 33 cents worth of pennies to the envelope so they paid EXTRA due to the weight. I got a call informing me about the money, I said it was a mistake and I demanded my change back. After yelling at the clerk and then to the supervisor they agreed to my demands and cut me a check for the money. I hold in my hand at this very moment a check from GTE Visa for exactly 33 cents.

I've always laughed at the quote in question and thought it would be a nice prank to pull someday. I got that opportunity a bit ago.

I sit down and pay all the bills at once in two cycles: the end of the month bills and the first of the month bills. My New Egg account falls into the latter category. I had a slight charge I still owed on my Preferred account, but I thought I had paid it all off when I paid the end of the month bills, but the online account said no, nor had the money cleared the bank. I searched high and low for where I printed the receipt, but alas it was not to be found.

I called New Egg and told them how I had never missed a payment and always paid early, that I mistakingly thought I had paid this month's bill and that I wanted to pay off the balance on the account. They agreed to waive the late fee, but she said that since I was past the cycle, she could only waive $5 of the $15 fee and that I would have to call back once my next statement was issued.

I called back once my statement cycled, explained the situation and New Egg agreed to credit me the late fee...except they credited me $3.27 too much. I thought that they would correct their error, but they did not. Remembering the above referenced quote, I decided not to purchase anything from New Egg until they cut me a check.

I don't know what I'll purchase with this check. I think I may get whester a copy of Word and Mavis Beacon so that he can learn to type and have a spell checker at his disposal.

meme stolen from swashbuckler332

1. My username is _____ because ____.
schpydurx because once-upon-a-time The Score Station used to be named schpydurx.com, but according to DJ Thresher it was too expensive to renew the domain name some such and the site disappeared inexplicably. I took the name in honor of the site. My only chagrin in the who ordeal is that I wish I would have either named my LJ ProfessorTom as I did with my Xanga or have named them both schpydurx. This has cause no small amount of consternation.

2. My name is _____ because ______.
Tomas because I'm Italian. Please note the absence of an "h".

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
mulitplayer vi based off of this quote modified appropriately for the Unix freak in me.

4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
cat FL | more
It's a Unix joke.

5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.
The Joker poster from Dark Knight. I used to carry around the "You make kitty scared" avatar until ehowton pulled his joke. I chose this avatar because the Behold! avatar from The Fountain which was briefly my default user pic doesn't go well with various blogs. Also, I like the fully-saturated yet dark colors in this avatar. Plus, not knowing that this is the Joker, one might mistake the avatar for a pimp!

[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2008-04-06 05:06 am (UTC)
No. This was me trying to be more like you.
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[User Picture]From: ehowton
2008-04-06 05:15 am (UTC)

My son has this Sesame Street book about Bert and Ernie. Ernie is in a band, wears a snazzy jacket and tells funny jokes. He likes the triple-goop sundae with marshmallow creme and has some fantastic red shoes and matching sunglasses.

Bert, in contrast plays with bottle tops, wears a plain brown jacket, never speaks up because he doesn't have anything to say, prefers only a single scoop of plain vanilla ice cream, and wears his boring saddle shoes.

The attention given to Ernie vexes Bert to the point of distraction, so he buys himself those things Ernie has, and puts away his bottle caps. He even buys a book of jokes to memorize.

At school the next day, no one recognizes Bert, and when they do, wonder why he looks as if he's trying to copy Ernie. He steps on his sunglasses so they fit his head awkwardly, he keeps tripping over himself with his new shoes, and can't seem to get the timing down on his jokes. On top of all this uncomfortableness, his constitution can't handle the triple-goop sundae with marshmallow creme.

Ernie makes him feel better about being who he is, and not trying to be someone else, and at the conclusion of the story Bert sheds his new persona to go back to being boring old Bert.
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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2008-04-06 07:12 am (UTC)
um...thanks for that.

I think that this post was journalist in the sense that I did report what happened. However, I don't think that this is my best work in the least bit. I do know that people used to like my writing but it has since gone downhill. A comment that I frequently get is "you're last few posts have been more informative and 'this is what I'm up to'."

As you can see, my style doesn't exactly mesh with yours and so out comes this post. Which bombed.

On the other han, the pictures I put up on Xanga (for hosting purposes) were a success (as far as my picture blog is concerned.)
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