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On Writing

The only book I ever read of Stephen King's is, ironically enough, the only work of non-fiction that he ever wrote--On Writing. If you read this book the things that you will pick up are to have the best command of the language you are working in and "write, write, write." I think that all books about the entertainment industry read the same way "create, create, create!" There is a truth that that mentality I suppose,

Writing is no harder the ditch digging.
I recently was having a chat with a friend of mine that is cooking up a new project. He said that he's just like me: if he doesn't feel the inspiration, he doesn't write it. He then went on to say that the way he broke the habit was to write anyway. But here's his secret: he says that doesn't mean forcing yourself to write what you need to write--that creates a very bad case of writer's block. He says that he sits down and writes what he has the inspiration to write. Once the words start flowing he then goes back to what he needs to write and works on it accomplishing much this way. To this end, I too want to try this idea.

As some of you know, I read an article via one of Google's blogs that talked about using Google Reader and pulling the RSS feeds for jobs that you are interested in. This also allows you to get a feed on those jobs that are in your area. Lately, I've seen this post go by quite a bit. Since the above mentioned conversation with my writing friend, I've thought about responding to this ad and seeing if instead of doing full-time work they would be willing to employ me on a per-placement basis. I've also considered doing the same with the local newspaper.

My thought is that if I were to get paid for my writing again (remember I used to work for The Exponent, UAH's student-run newspaper?) I would be motivated to write. And if motivated to write, then maybe this would help me get in the swing of things so that I will start setting the time aside and hopefully become prolific with my screenplays.

Also, I'm now currently working at Steak-Out only one day a week. I don't think it makes much economic sense to continue working there, but it is income and imcome is hard to let go. I figure that I could continue to work the long hours at Book Systems and write in my spare time and thus make money.

I knew that I was going to need writing samples. I also know that I did good work for The Exponent and had a few great blog entries to boot. Therefore, I have spent the weekend posting all of the Exponent articles to Live Journal under the tag Exponent. I then added three blog entries from Xanga: my World Trade Center post, my King Kong post and my Insured Motorist post. I have back-dated every post on Live Journal to the date that it originally appeared; I have not added the Exponent posts to Xanga because Xanga does not support this feature. You can read my writing samples via Live Journal tag. Xanga users please note that you can leave anonymous comments on LJ; if you decide to do so please "sign" your comment so I know who you are.

I've had a couple of friends tell me that long ago I used to be a good writer and that from my writing I seemed to enjoy my work but that my last several blogs have been informative and bland. Always seeking out the feedback, I would like to hear from you my adoring public. Do you think that the pieces that I have on my writing samples tag are good enough to land another writing job? Do you think that those articles are better then what I have recently produced? You decide.
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