Tomas Gallucci (schpydurx) wrote,
Tomas Gallucci

Anecdotes: Free Wifi

Note: Anecdotes is a new concept on schpydurx. These are short stories that stand alone and will appear sporadically, say once a week or so. They are not meant to be connected to other blog posts nor will they necessarily make that much sense by themselves; the point is to record the story publicly, even if the general public (meaning not you) otherwise doesn't or can't appreciate the tale.

A former classmate of mine revealed that he once worked at Nothing but Noodles. One day, a customer came in, placed his order and asked that the free wifi (pronounced wee fee) advertised in the store window be added to his dish. Rather than explain to the hapless customer, my classmate dutifully rang up the order and delivered it to the table.

The customer asked whether or not the the dish contained the free wifi as he had ordered; my classmate nodded, pointed to some flakes and said, "yes, it's in there. See?"
Tags: anecdotes, free wifi
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