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Too Smart for My Own Good - Multiplayer vi [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tomas Gallucci

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Too Smart for My Own Good [Sep. 24th, 2014|09:21 pm]
Tomas Gallucci
[Tags|, ]

I think I've just figured out what is wrong with my copy of iPhone 6. It is indeed Perfect In Every Way. It's just that, in a moment of weakness, a colossal Charlie Foxtrot has been made that is going to cost someone a chunk of change.

The representative at Verizon talked me into getting a screen protector for the phone. Specifically, the product in question is "Tempered Glass Display Protector 1-Pack fits/para 2014 New iPhone (4.7")". I think the problem is that there is three microphones on the device, just as there is on the iPhone 5.

I think the primary microphone on the iPhone 6 when you're making a phone call and the device isn't in speakerphone mode is above the earpiece. To confirm this, I made a voice post where I tapped on top of the front mic's hole. You can hear this tapping, but it is a little faint. That could be due to the fact that the Tempered Glass®™ creates that much of a seal. It could also be indicative of a faulty microphone and the Tempered Glass is only exacerbating an existing problem in (what is presumably) my copy. (When I Google for "iPhone 6 microphone doesn't work during call NOT on speakerphone" and its variants, I can pull up one or two entries on Apple's forums about people leaving the plastic on the phone and how removing it solves their problem. But they have usually complained about people on the other end of calls being able to hear them if they are in "regular" mode, but not if they are in speakerphone mode.)

I made a second voice post in which I yelled at the hole above the earpiece. I can't hear me at all in that recording.

The question now is, has my engaging in science doomed me to spending a bunch of money over a $25 piece of plastic that was designed to protect the phone? The problem gets thornier because I think that Verizon will bounce me to Apple and Apple is within their rights to send me back to Verizon. Fair enough. The question becomes, what happens if trying to remove this protector results in damage to the phone? Who is liable then? Furthermore, is there really a fault with my copy of the phone or is it the fault of the "screen protector"?

I'm currently on hold with Apple after having explained my findings to the patient tech support person ("Ben"). He fully understands the issue. I asked him to find out which microphone is the primary microphone when in regular call mode and to try to get my issue exposure in the system to see if other people are having the same problem.

"Wendell" was the Senior Advisor who my call got bumped up to. We went through a recap and then a discussion of the best way to proceed with my issue. He was prescient enough to ask if I had the packaging for Tempered Glass®™ and if so, was there a manufacturer listed on it. I had already looked over the packaging several times, but found nothing. Finally, my eye caught that Tempered Glass®™ was manufactured by Newvit Co. Ltd.

Wendell advised me to continue with my scheduled appointment with the Genius Bar as the Apple Retail store may have the correct tools for the job of removing Tempered Glass®™.

That's all the news that's fit to print. When I know more, you will you, Dear Reader.

From: snapper521
2014-09-25 12:13 pm (UTC)
*snorts* Well isn't that just annoying.
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