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When Great People Get Together and Have a Good Time - Multiplayer vi [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tomas Gallucci

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When Great People Get Together and Have a Good Time [Dec. 4th, 2007|12:57 am]
Tomas Gallucci
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Lately, I've been having this recurrent dream. We're giving this perfect party. We have our dining room back, and Grandmother's silver, before it was stolen, and Charlie's mother's royal blue dinner plates, before the movers dropped them, and even the finger bowls if I knew where they were.

And I've invited all of our favorite people. Oh I don't mean just our old friends. I mean everyone we've ever known and liked. We'd have the man who fixes our Toyota, and that intelligent young couple who bought the Payton house, and the receptionist at the doctor's office, and the new teller at the bank.

And our children would be invited, too. And they'd all come back from wherever they are. And we'd have two cocktails, and hot hors d'oeuvres, an a first-rate cook in the kitchen and two maids to server, and everyone would get along famously!

My husband laughs when I tell him this dream. "Do you realize," he says, "what a party like that would cost? Do you realize what we'd have to pay these days fora a party like that?" Well, I know. I know all that. But sometimes I think that it might almost be worth it.

I feel like I've reached the end of an epoch.

I finally got to meet the man and legend ehowton and most of his friends. Some of the people I met I felt like I knew a lifetime. Some were only rumors of human beings that I can now say are not aberrations but in fact real. Others, I had no point of reference. But everyone I met on this trip was touched with Greatness. I want that Greatness. Despinte our differences, we all had a wonderful time. This was nota party to have missed, no matter what the excuse. While we are each celebrities in our own right, none of us have a household name.

I have seen the land where dreams come true and it wasn't California.

Our religious beliefs may be quite different and yet the same but we all strive for the same thing: success via the Pursuit of Happiness. As I sat there in the airport attempting to scrawl these words, I knew what I want and what will happen. I want to move to an area and company where I am constantly challenged by new problems to which I must come up with new solutions. I want to work for a company who respects me for who I am and gives me the tools to research and test solutions to our problems. I want to be surrounded by successful, great people. I want to constantly be around friends like those I were around this weekend--supportive intelligent, giving loving sharing people.

I have many people to thank for making my dream come true, drax0r and jesskd26 for putting me up and up with me; for ehowton and catttitude for allowing me to come enjoy myself, photogoot for his graciousness, texas_tangent and her husband Richard for their hospitality and celtmanx for the condoms.

photogoot was right: this did/does rival the actual Christmas holiday.

I don't deserve freinds like you.

[User Picture]From: texas_tangent
2007-12-04 11:36 am (UTC)
Awww. Your welcome. The bonfire was greatness. Maybe next time that is what you need. A nice loverly fire to look at and reflect upon.
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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2007-12-04 11:37 am (UTC)
It would have definately been something to have had Saturday.
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[User Picture]From: glodowg
2007-12-04 02:33 pm (UTC)
I love being a nobody. It keeps me out of trouble!
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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2007-12-04 02:37 pm (UTC)
I did not mean to leave anyone out. I wanted to amke sure that I thanked everyone that facilited my trip and put up with me while I was in Texas.

Thanks for putting up with me too. The scaryoke was great.

Edited at 2007-12-05 05:56 am (UTC)
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From: snapper521
2007-12-04 08:07 pm (UTC)

Party of the century

I know you wanted me to comment so here I am... commenting. But I feel that if I actually were entirely honest I would end up sounding like a sap head.

As You well know, I am of the opinion that you do deserve those friends. That God puts good people in your life in an effort to influence you. A gentle nudge in the direction he wants you to go in. Keeping that in mind... yes, do you deserve friends like these.

It also can be said that you seek out people who you either wish to be like, or who are already like you. I believe this is the case with Howton. You seek to become like him in some ways, even though you think that it isn't possible. *shrug* I think it is but I am an optimist. :-)

I knew when you told me you were going to finally be able to meet Howton and his gang of friends... that this event would forever influence the rest of your life. Whether it meant you would be moving, or simply cementing a friendship which you already had. Honestly the reason that I focused on Howton was because I think that if you had to choose between all those friends... you'd choose Howton. *shrug* I think you're closer to him then any of the others. *shrug* Then again perhaps I have misunderstood you while I've listened to you for hours on end? I think not. :-) If anything my only misunderstanding will be in not being able to explain back to you how I think your mind ticks.

You have a rare friendship with him and some of his friends... don't take that for granted. I did and I lost my friends... perhaps that is why I cling to you a little more then I should? I don't know. I know I am tired of loosing all my friends though... I don't handle change very well if you haven't noticed and when a friend drifts away from you... it's a change.

Anyway... I'm rambling.

The point is that this was the party of the century but who is to say that there won't be a better one in your future? Perhaps as time passes you will be able to hold onto your friends and as you acquire more... the parties will increase in size! :-D Wouldn't that be awesome? :-D

Either way... I think it was definitely time and money well spent. I'm glad you had the opportunity; though disappointed that I was unable to attend this one. Perhaps next time. :-)

TTYL Furbie

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[User Picture]From: ehowton
2007-12-05 12:34 am (UTC)

Re: Party of the century

Party of the decade, not century. I'm fucking fantastic, but a century is a mighty long time, and I'm not that egotistical.
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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2007-12-05 02:53 am (UTC)

Re: Party of the century

a century is a mighty long time
As is a decade. But definately this is a multi-year thing.
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[User Picture]From: ehowton
2007-12-05 12:38 am (UTC)
I'm a household name in Anna, Texas. Does that count for anything?
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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2007-12-05 02:51 am (UTC)
Of course it does silly! But what I meant was none of us have the celebrity power that if our name was mentioned on national television, the majority of the populace would know who we were.
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[User Picture]From: ehowton
2007-12-05 12:38 am (UTC)
Glad you could make it. Thanks for coming.
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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2007-12-05 02:52 am (UTC)
Let me know when the next shindig is and I'll be there, no questions asked.

P.S. What did you think of the lead-in quote?
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[User Picture]From: ehowton
2007-12-05 12:02 pm (UTC)
It was long.
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From: snapper521
2007-12-06 03:40 pm (UTC)

Lead in quote

I agree with Eric. It was long. :-P I also don't see what the quote had to do with the post.

You're doing it again... quoting things with no context to the subject which triggered the quote in the first place...
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[User Picture]From: leonardii
2007-12-11 06:30 pm (UTC)
I don't deserve friends like you.

You shouldn't say things like that!

When people show you their affectionate side, and their caring side - and should they actually give a part of themselves to you via help, compassion, and understanding - they are willing for you to be a friend in their lives.

Return the courtesy by not lowering your own self-esteem, because when you have such courteous friends, you should sense your own self worth and let it be an honor for them.

Excellent friends are forged through time and trials - and humor. They don't magically appear, but if they are only fair-weather friends you'll find that they will disappear. And believe me - that's no loss.

Remember what I wrote to you in my email. There's no harm in making merry. Many of us have had too much alcohol flowing through our veins - and we know the consequences of such merry making. But in the end, if the merriment was in good sport, then there is no harm done. And even if something was said that was "not proper" - everybody knows it is the beer talking, not the true soul.

Rejoice in your friends. The ones you mentioned, from what I have observed - they are the type of friends worth making great pains to maintain and build the foundation of fellowship.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Let us do that! :)
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[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2007-12-11 07:51 pm (UTC)
Do yourself no injury. Other men are good for that.
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