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Spring Break Info Dump - Multiplayer vi [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tomas Gallucci

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Spring Break Info Dump [Mar. 25th, 2011|01:32 am]
Tomas Gallucci
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[music |James Horner - Back to Titanic]

Ok, so it's 2330 and I want to be asleep by 0000, so let's see what we can get typed up between now and then.

New Friends
In an effort to make a new friend, I met up with deathnomiko and two of her friends Sunday to go to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens and shoot some pictures. When we first got started, I was a site to behold. I had my backpack on holding the D70 with the S60 hanging in a pocket on the front of the pack and both the D70 and the Minolta QTXi around my neck.

In my head, I had planned to swap back and forth between film and digital all day long and shoot no less than two rolls to get me up to four of my required minimum of five for class. Alas, carrying this much gear around proved to be physically and mentally overwhelming. I wound up putting everything in the car except for the D70.

Something that astounded me was the fact that shooting on the 50mm didn't give me the desired intimacy with my subject. Though there are some shots that had I not been hypoglycemic, I could have gotten some sharper images. Of course, it's also possible that I need to get my eyes checked and would account for the discrepancy between what I see through the lens and what winds up being captured.

This was the first time that being in the wild that I understood how aperture, shutter speed and ISO worked together. Yes, I did review almost every shot I took, but I was more checking the exposure and the histogram rather than the image itself.

I wound up bringing home 206 images which got culled down to 187; the former number does not include shots deleted directly off the camera.

Though I would love nothing more than to be able to do an image dump, I have no convenient place to dump at this point. I refuse to put this images on Facebook, giving Zuckerburg sole proxy power over my work. Aside from flickr, no other site has a one touch post integrated into iPhoto. Alas, at this time I cannot afford the $24 necessary for a paid account, which means that even if I were to upload the lot of them, you wouldn't be able to view them all anyway. Perhaps I can donate whatever pittance is left over from the government letting me have my money back after having held it for a year interest free, though I doubt there will be anything left over. Meanwhile, I will leave you with these two images from the shoot as a teaser:

Of course, I am always willing to exchange value for value. I also have a small gallery of Wheeler Dam at sunset.

I had never been to the Gardens before despite living literally two minutes away for going on seven years, passing the Gardens on my way home from work every day. I was rather excited that I was going, partially because of a memory trigger. See, the last time I remember going to a Botanical Garden was when I went to the Schönbrunn Palace at the end of the mission trip to Romania. Of course, Huntsville wasn't Vienna, but it was, in a word, perfect. The sun was shining like it was a summer's day, but the weather was a cool low 70's with a gentle breeze.

I brought a few pictures of the palace along with me to the Gardens to show my companions for the afternoon so they would be able to use associate an image with a sound, but I wonder if I came off as having a superiority complex. Only time will tell.

Spring Break
So this week is/has been Spring Break, and really, I can barely tell. A point of interest is that this entire week, I've been going to bed early and waking up early, to the tune of lights out by 2130 and at my desk by 0730. Spring Break. Yeah right.

Frankly, the break couldn't have come at a more needed time, though two weeks earlier would have been nice.

I need to be reading in History…I think. I made a B on the first test and that was the test that I read all the material for and listened to all the videos (yeah, you read that correctly) AND showed up for the test a week early. Yet, the second test, I only read three or four chapters the day before and according to my account, I made a 100 on the test. Of course, it could just be that he's assigning letter grades and not points. I need to go talk to the History prof Monday if I can.

Chemistry…well, right now if I were to take a 0 on the outstanding test and quiz, I'd have a 72. If I made an 80 on both, I'd have a 84 in the class. But of course, there's much to be anxious over: the week before Spring Break, we had spent two class meetings going over new material. Tuesday is a review and Thursday is the test. *GULP* Oh yeah, and I need to have both the quiz and the test made up by Tuesday week. *DOUBLE GULP*

Photography…the only graded work that I have is the singular test we took, which I made a low C on. There was more film stuff on the test than we covered. I thought I did ok developing my first roll of film, but I couldn't get a print off of it. Everything was too dark. I asked a student that is majoring in photography from a more advanced class for her opinion of the negatives. She said that my negatives looked flat, but that it was hard to tell.

Oh well. I'll just have to get something shot this weekend and go spend a day in the lab developing and printing. Maybe the lab assistant can, yannow, be of assistance and provide some guidance.

Early registration for Summer Semester starts April 6th. I should have enough money in the bank to cover tuition. Books shouldn't be too bad considering that I already have the book for Chem II (presuming I pass Chem I) and I can't imagine the Photog II book being outrageously expensive given that the book for Photog I was $42 brand new off of Amazon. This means the only text book that I will need is the one for Art Appreciation. I can see that book being expensive, but I imagine I'll be able to buy it used for less than $100.

Once I know where I'm going to wind up in the Summer, I'll need to look towards the Fall and transferring to Athens. Oh joy of joys–more paperwork!

I still haven't filed my taxes. Usually, I'm on top of it, but this year I'm avoiding it like the plague that it is. Really folks, life could be much simply by repealing the Sixteenth Amendment and implementing the Fair Tax. There would be no need to save receipts for the entire year and there would be no government putting their hands in our pockets.

Instead of being something that the elietes in Washington claim is optional–for them, anyway–we would have a truly optional tax system. Don't want to pay taxes? Don't consume new goods. Instead, buy used.

I prefer the approach of pay at the register and be done with it. The economy wouldn't be stifled with all the hidden taxes that our current overlords impose on us and tax revenue would be collected where it ought to be: at the point of purchase. Something so simple, even Stephen Hawking could understand it.

But I speak only of utopia. We have to punish the rich until there are no more rich, just a sea of bottom feeders.

[User Picture]From: ehowton
2011-06-01 09:21 pm (UTC)

Somehow, I missed this one

Great pics dude.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: schpydurx
2011-06-02 05:06 am (UTC)

Re: Somehow, I missed this one


When I saw the subject in my inbox on this comment, I thought that you were replying to where I replied to a comment that you left on one of my RSS feeds that got pulled in.

I don't know how you missed this one, but I'm glad you like the work. I was damned proud of the turtles myself.

I'm not a daily shooter like you by any means. The photography class has taught me a lot: I'm deathly afraid to shoot people. I guess I've become that hermitic and reclusive. I should blog about this separately.

Nevertheless, from the personal experience, classwork/instruction and Understanding Exposure, I think I've come a long way and hope to continue to make progress as time continues.
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