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Mr. Palmer was really liked

darkestwriter has bugged me twice in comments on an old post to write more Anecdotes. I've had this one at the ready, but thought I would instead use it to jump-start my Medium blog which I have also let languish.

There are two towns in Alabama, Palmerdale and Remplap. I looked it up once; I believe these two towns are 18 miles apart.

Legend has it that both towns became towns and requested post offices at nearly the same time. Except, at the time, Remlap wasn't Remlap–it was called Palmer.

The Postmaster General–or whomever the appropriate person is that makes the decisions where post offices would go–said that they both couldn't get post offices because that would mean two post offices would come on line within months of each other and it would be confusing having two similarly named towns so close to each other. This would cause too much confusion for the United States government to handle.

Palmerdale got their paperwork in first, so they got their post office. Palmer, on the other hand, did not...until (as I've already spoiled the story above) they spelled Palmer backwards and birthed the town of Remlap which then made that town eligible to get a post office.

You can read about this on Remplap's Wikipedia page. The cautious reader will note that the reference for this piece of trivia is a book called A Place Called Peculiar: Stories about Unusual American Place-Names.

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Why So Serious?

Anecdotes: Free Wifi

Note: Anecdotes is a new concept on schpydurx. These are short stories that stand alone and will appear sporadically, say once a week or so. They are not meant to be connected to other blog posts nor will they necessarily make that much sense by themselves; the point is to record the story publicly, even if the general public (meaning not you) otherwise doesn't or can't appreciate the tale.

A former classmate of mine revealed that he once worked at Nothing but Noodles. One day, a customer came in, placed his order and asked that the free wifi (pronounced wee fee) advertised in the store window be added to his dish. Rather than explain to the hapless customer, my classmate dutifully rang up the order and delivered it to the table.

The customer asked whether or not the the dish contained the free wifi as he had ordered; my classmate nodded, pointed to some flakes and said, "yes, it's in there. See?"

You can upgrade your iPhone 6 if you're on the Verizon Edge program. Here's how:

For those of you wondering if, in fact, you can upgrade to the iPhone 6S, there may be hope for you–especially is you are a Verizon customer and moved to their Edge plan last year.

Skipping the launch day crowd, I went to my local Apple store last week to play with the new phone. I figured that I would probably be skipping this year due to both economic or contractual constraints. It turns out that neither were much of a problem.

First, economics: it turns out that if you move to Apple's new financing scheme, all you pay to walk a phone out the door is the first month's payment and tax. For an iPhone 6S with 128GB storage capacity, this came out to be ~$117.

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The View I Choose to See on a Daily Basis

It's been a while since I updated. And it will take even longer for me to make a proper update. But for now, I wanted to leave these photos here for your viewing pleasure.

The first two photos are the view I see when I pull into my "driveway". They were taken last November, shortly after I moved in.

When I first pull in

The view a bit further down the driveway

Pictures from the Lake
from across the lake

Pictures from the Lake
The lake at sunset

Pictures from the Lake

Pictures from the Lake

Pictures from the Lake
fluffy clouds

All pictures were taken with my iPhone 6.
Why So Serious?

On Halloween

It all started with an episode of Top Gear. In the episode, James, Jeremy and Richard all bought cars trying to prove that track day didn't have to be expensive. When they actually got to the track, they had to dress in the driver gear from their car's manufactures' catalogs. May had a Merc, Hammond had a Beamer and Clarkson had a Ford.

It was a "typical"1 winter's day in England: cold and misty-drizzling. What adds to the comedy of this particular challenge is that James turned up in a bright orange T-shirt, a ball cap and shorts, implying that Mercedes didn't have proper winter clothing in their catalog. James was shivering before it was all said and done.

Sadly, there isn't a good clip on Youtube of this particular challenge. I was, however, able to find a full-length video of the episode in question on Metacafe. Click at your own risk.

Early this year, I had to take my car into the shop for routine maintenance. That's when I saw this:

Driver Catalog

And that gave me an idea.

See, I've never been one to get into Halloween as a holiday, which is odd given my (dwindling?) aspiration for filmmaking. Coincidently, my manager's favorite holiday is–you guessed it!–Halloween. I haven't won friends or influenced people by not getting into the holiday spirit. But this year, I had a plan.

I thought I'd get a shirt and maybe some shorts or pants from VW–appropriately enough given that I leased a Jetta last year–and would dress up as a VW owner in the spirit of Top Gear.2

My plan was to go around the 1 October to the VW dealership, pick something up and hang on to it until Halloween. But as the days passed, I kept finding reasons–however legitimate–to procrastinate postpone this task.

I literally bought my costume at the 11th hour: the Wednesday evening before Halloween. This has its own anecdote: when I pulled up to the dealership at 1830 that evening, the sales guy who leased me my car was walking out of the build, presumably on his way home. I thought he would walk on by, but he circled back around. I asked him, "How would you like to sell me something?" to which he replied "Sure!" I'm not convinced he was that enthused; I'm sure selling a shirt and a hat didn't quite satisfy his sales quota.

Beggars can't be choosers, so I didn't get some shirt that just had a logo3. Instead, I had to settle for a picture of a car that I don't own.

I had some guesses that this might be a Top Gear reference and some did in fact notice that the had and shirt were VW like my car. But I didn't get the officially correct answer™®. But for those of you who were curious (or for those of you who subscribe to my every interaction with LiveJournal–ehowton: I'm looking at you) now you know why I was dressed like this on Halloween:

Tomas on Halloween

1. As if I would know what a typical winter's day in England is really like.
2. I asked a co-worker who is familiar with the show which of the presenters he though I could best pull off. To my delight, he said May.
3. I later remedied this by purchasing two blue shirts off the website that just have the VW logo. One is "royal blue" the other is "sapphire". I prefer the royal blue as it is a darker, fuller blue (but no where close to navy).
apple creation, apple

It Was Perfect in Every Way

...except the microphone really and truly didn't work.

I showed up for my appointment, explained the problem, suggested that the screen protector was the problem and gave the phone to the tech to test. She came back in short order and reported that the microphone was indeed faulty.

The phone go swapped and it was covered by the manufacture's warranty, thus not counting against the two oopsies available to Apple Care+ customers.

I'm not that worried about not having a screen protector. I didn't want one in the first place. I bought it under pressure from Verizon. Yes, I was aware of their aggressive sales techniques. Yes, I rode bareback for the second year of ownership of the iPhone 4. And for the entire year of ownership of the 5S. (The 4 [iCall 1.0] was heavily scratched. The 5S [iCall 2.0] had some nicks around the edge and I think the screen was coming loose. But I think that had less to do with the phone not being in a case and more to do with the phone being in my pocket when I was laying on my stomach on occasion.)

So now it's a matter of waiting on the restore. And having to sync iTunesU twice per usual to get all the media to properly transfer. And hopefully, after all that, all will be well.