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Tomas Gallucci

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Why Countries Go Into Debt [Aug. 8th, 2012|07:52 am]
Tomas Gallucci
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Godfrey Bloom explains why countries go into debt so that even politicians can understand!
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Reflections on Making a Name for Yourself on the Web [Feb. 1st, 2009|07:58 pm]
Tomas Gallucci
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So I was reading an article about how to promote yourself for a job in a a down market in the 21st century. That got me to thinking...

I did a vanity search and found out that what comes up to the top of the list is a comment I left on Amazon. My minimax0r Xanga tag was fifth in the list with no other mention of my Xanga. My Live Journal doesn't even appear in the first 100 results. Bummer.

That reminded me that I really, really need to fill my profiles out on both Xanga and Live Journal. Fuck Stalker Book Face Book.

But more to the point, it got me to thinking....

I get more traffic off of my political posts e.g. than I do off of my computer posts e.g.. The odd thing is, I think more about computers than I do about politics. In fact, I tend to think I write more about computers than I do politics.

I read a lot of sites. I can't think of one political news feed I have other than fellow bloggers (i.e. truntthepaige, reality_hammer, and gothelittle. I would include The Theologian's Cafe in the list, but he is more of a newsfeed than a place to get a political take on things.)

I read many more computers sites. I'm following linux, ubuntu_users, macintosh, unixadmin. I'm also subscribed to Engadget, Coding Horror, and John. C. Dvoark's PC Mag columns.

Apparently, computer blogs are only for those who get them and then you have to be an expert to be read. We could talk about Microsoft initiatives for hawking their products as the best thing since sliced bread and self-proclaimed gurus who think they are computer gods because they know how to double-click an icon in Windows, but that's beside the point. I read a lot of tech stuff, comment occasionally and record my tech thoughts on my blog less frequently than that. I labor over my posts, hoping I'm giving the best presentation possible but instead I get lambasted for it.

The oddest thing is that despite all the tech stuff that I'm into, I'd like to think that I'm more into film. Granted, I don't write about it the way that swashbuckler332 does and that pisses me off. I did write film reviews for the Exponent, but those were rushed and shitty at best, not the quality stuff that swashbuckler332 turns out. It's funny too, because swash and I usually have the same thoughts on the films that we both watch. I just don't have his stomach for Star Wars. The point is that it pisses me off that I can write good reviews and yet I don't. I should, because at the very least I'd be able to put together a list of reviews if I wanted to make some extra cash, say writing reviews for the local paper.

I think that the reason my political posts get such better remarks is that a lot of my readers and I have the same views on politics and when I get as passionate about a subject as I do with my politics, I let 'em have it. Perhaps it's this quality that people are reacting to rather than my viewpoints. Nevertheless, it was something I thought about today, had a theory about and wanted to see what you my adoring audience thought.

What kind of my posts do you like: political? tech? film? random craziness? Other (please specify in the comments)?

Also, do you think my theory that my political posts get more response than anything because of the passion behind the writing is correct? Discuss.
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Obamanation [Jan. 23rd, 2009|11:56 am]
Tomas Gallucci
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[music |Gettysburg - Randy Edelman]

Alright, I know that I have in recent years tried to keep my ramblings about the kids away from the blog...however, today I just have to share my jarbled thoughts about President Obama's-- doesn't that look great!-- inauguration, and my kids might spill over into this as they spent a great deal of this election actively following it.

Actually, that is the first place I want to start. I have a five year old political junkie on my hands and I love it. It all started with the fact that I listen to NPR in the car as I drive around and as such they too must listen. Wouldn't you know that my amazingly smart children have both decided that Obama would be the best choice for president? Bless you my children, I couldn't agree more. While my three year old has been happy to just get giddy at the mention of our now president's name, it is my older son who could readily tell you how many days until the election, or the swearing in of the new president. He could even tell you that then Senator Obama wanted to 'make the war go away' and 'make people not have their homes go away' anymore. How wonderful.

To which I have this to say:

If your kids are so smart and well adjusted, I want to know how the feel about being more susceptible to terrorist attacks now that Club Gitmo is being closed down. I want to know how they think they will feel when they see their mother blown to bits in front of them when a suicide bomber detonates himself in the middle of peaceful business here on American soil.

Do your kids think it's fair that people can get loans that they can't afford and then have the government steal money from hard working citizens to pay for those loans? Most importantly, do your kids really think that bringing the troops home somehow magically ends the war, makes America loved the globe over and decimates all enemies both foreign and domestic henceforth?

When they can answer these questions, then we'll talk about about how smart and well adjusted your kids are.
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Happy Insured Motorist Day!!! [May. 2nd, 2006|06:09 pm]
Tomas Gallucci
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America has made history today. Today was the beginning of a new era. Today was the first recognition and celebration of Insured Motorist Day in the United Sates. You may be asking yourself, "What is insured Motorist Day?" "What is its history?"

Because all the illegal immigrants were out protesting and marching, that means that they weren't out driving. This means that if you were to have gotten in an automobile accident on this day, you'd have a higher probability of being hit by an insured motorist. Therefore, on this day, and this one day alone, statistically, the cost of the wreck should be lower because both motorist would be insured.

Illustrating Absurdity by Being Absurd
Before the day and festivities even ended, there were plans already underway for the anniversary gala. Agendas included such activities as street racing and "live" bumper cars. Hotdog vendors considered a buy one, get one free promotional if you could provide proof of coverage. Brothels considered one free orgasm per insured vehicle and a general discount on services for holders of so-called fleet policies. Filling stations contemplated giving discounts on octane, but the EPA quickly condemned the notion, saying that it would lead to "raising a nation of irresponsible pollutants."

Boycotting America
A new era in history not even minutes old and the holiday had already been bastardized. Boycotting America is what some have called this holiday, an atrocity indeed. Illegal immigrants march on the United States in protest of not having the rights equal to that of a lawful citizen. Nation wide, law enforcement officers stepped up security to keep the protesters protected from citizens lacking self-control; however, turnouts were far less than anticipated.

It was "predicted that 2 million to 3 million people would flood the streets of Los Angeles alone." Of note, the mayor (Antonio Villaraigosa, son of an immigrant) was not present to lead the city due to plans that "had been in the works for a long time" to talk to the NFL in Dallas in an effort to secure a team for the city. Critics lambasted Villaraigosa, claiming that he had left the "ship without a captain."

Despite the enormous estimates of people at the protest, there was little mention of the possibility of terrorist attacks. Conspiracy theorists have suggested that this is a ploy by the Communist nations to garner free propaganda by showing oppressed peoples how American is protesting itself. Other theories involve the reference to the bygone days of the USSR's May Day parade.

There was no surrender by the American government today, despite France's precedent with both their labour and anti-smoking laws. The uniting theme amongst the protesters did seem to come from France, however, namely, it is not the duty of the employees to show up and work. It's the duty of the employer to pay.

Protesting the Protestors
Eyewitness reports in the great town of Juanita (central Blount County for those of you in deportation lines) claimed that it was "business as usual" hidden away in the subdivisions. One Cullmanite at ground zero said that "300 people assembled to protest the protest." Upon further interview he added, "We're holding down the fort." When reminded that the last time the Americans tried this they failed (Remember the Alamo?), he went in search of immigrants to deport.

Analysts are still pouring over incoming data trying to determine whether or not the sharp rise in the stock market today was due to the sale of green cards. Other think tanks considered what the ramifications of the institutionalization of Insured Motorist Day would be to the black market and whether or not green card sales were any longer viable.

When asked to comment on the issues, one Huntsville man said, "I'm sick of all this protesting and marching. Therefore, I'm organizing a one man march against women." According to this source, who did not have the competence to give a name, his one-man march was protesting his inability to have sporadic, orgasmic sex with beautiful women. He encouraged sexually frustrated lesbians to join the march. No word yet as to when the march would take place or if heterosexual males could join.
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