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ehowton July 25 2014, 05:04

Or Vice Versa

If you think the Russians are "evil" and the Americans are "good", or vice versa...
If you think the Israelis are "evil" and the Palestinians are "good", or vice versa...
If you think the liberals are "evil" and the conservatives are "good", or vice versa...
If you think the capitalists are "evil' and the socialists are "good", or vice versa...
If you think the Democrats are "evil" and the Republicans are "good", or vice versa...
If you think the Muslims are "evil" and the Christians are "good", or vice versa...
If you think libertarians are "evil" and the progressives are "good", or vice versa...
If you think governments are "evil" and the corporations are "good", or vice versa...

Well, If you think in these diametrically opposed abstractions, you are most probably part of the problem. Domestic and foreign issues are not based on some fictional, graphic novel with superheroes and arch villains. Real life is full of complexity and nuance, and almost never so black and white as we are told by ideological fanatics, religious extremists, sensationalized talking heads, partisan hacks, fervent nationalists, opinionated infotainment outlets, and the profiteers of deception and artificial divisiveness.

The fact is, there are usually many layers to a story, and most often there are not just one or two sides to a story, but multiple sides to a story. So, maybe, just maybe, the masses should stop treating domestic and foreign issues like they are a competition between two rival sports teams, and start taking a much more dispassionate, critical, and intellectually honest approach at examining various issues around the globe and in our backyards.

Lastly, I think it is time we let go of this childish notion that so many things in life can simply be broken down to "good" and "evil". ~https://www.facebook.com/ultraradicalcentrists/posts/658938207508050
merig00 July 24 2014, 17:40

Разбор полетов, обстрелы Донецка боевиками Гиркина

Originally posted by pauluskp at Разбор полетов, обстрелы Донецка боевиками Гиркина
После появления в интернете видео, на котором "Град" боевиков Гиркина стреляет в сторону Донецка, ополченцы диванных подразделений Тамбова, Омска и Магадана, как и полагается, выразили свое ценное сомнение.

Сразу скажу - нам их сомнения и страдания до одного места. Жители Донецка легко узнают на видео объездную дорогу и понимают, что украинских войск там нет, а "Град" стреляет именно в сторону Донецка. Мы пишем, прежде всего, для своих земляков, поэтому далеко не всегда объясняем тонкости донецкой географии магаданским интернет-военам.

Но читатели блога оказались более просветленными и любящими Вселенную - они решили сделать подробный разбор полетов, оформив его в виде наглядного пособия. Выкладываю без изменений:

Здравствуйте, вот небольшой разбор сделал обстрела Донецка из вашей записи

Может где-то и ошибся, но вроде, в общем, сходится.

Амстор возле жд https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcrozlHmIP4
Магистральный "Жертвы в Донецке 21 июля" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGdxOXoxGkk
Новость про стоматологию http://lifenews.ru/news/137008



Читать и смотреть дальше...Collapse )
kurikuribebi July 24 2014, 11:01

I think I WILL eat my problems away!

It's been a rough few weeks. Nori has been ignoring me for some reason and I'm wondering if it has to do with his job.I did meet the co-workers and I felt that things went well, but part of me also felt that they were almost jealous to have me around. And if they were to tell him to drop me, I'm sure he would because while he says he cares for me very much, he's made it very clear that work also comes first in his life. I asked him what was up and he hasn't said a thing....

I have a cold. Luckily, they pass quickly, but when they hit, they hit hard. On top of that, it's hot. So I was already feeling icky from the heat and humidity. Now that's just being compounded by the cold.

My friend forgot to take out the trash while I was gone (as she had promised) so now I'm dealing with a super annoying fruit-fly problem....that I need to be rid of by Sunday because I have a friend coming over and I can not let him sleep here with that issue.

My aunt died. While I wasn't particularly close to her, she was still my aunt. It kills me even more though that I can't be there for my mom, who is without a doubt my best friend. We exchanged messages on LINE for a bit and my mom is really crushed and she admitted to realizing that she doesn't have much time either. My mom is in Puerto Rico now. Hopefully being with the rest of her family will lift her spirits.

On the bright side, the 飲み会with my co-workers from school and the 飲み会 with co-workers from my company were both very fun. Diet? What diet!!??

French dining
I went to a French Restaurant with the co-workers from school. Total goofballs at school, but quite the classy bunch!!

So it was fish and beer with the co-workers from the company!! Yum!! 
jordan179 July 24 2014, 01:03

500 Palestinians Dead in the Gaza -- Hooray!

I have heard that something like 20 Israeli soldiers and 500 Palestinians have died in the Gaza War.

This is good news.

It means that, at the very start of the fighting -- when Hamas is at its strongest -- the Israelis are killing the Palestinians at a ratio of 25 to 1.  The fact that some of those 500 Palestinians are civilians does not reduce the achievement, since the Palestinians have been trying to kill Israeli citizens all through the conflict.  They have been failing.  The Hamas rockets are intercepted, the raiding teams find not glory but instead a moment of fear and pain as the Israelis winkle out their tunnels and destroy them like the vermin they are.

Jews around the world should not apologize for this.  We should celebrate it, and when the local anti-Semites come to "teach us a lesson," we should do the same to them as the Israelis are doing to Hamas.  Apologizing for success only invites more attacks, while punishing those who attack us discourages more such attacks in the future.

May Israel continue this attack on the Gaza until the city is leveled and its occupants dying in the ruins.  I know that the Israelis will probably stop short of such a victory, but may Israel take it as far as they find politically possible.  Every dead Hamas now is one more who won't have to be killed in the future.

I hope that mujehadeen from all around the world flock to embattled Gaza, to give the Israeli Defense Force live fire training and by their own deaths slightly improve the average level of the intellect and morality of the human race.  I am always happy when terrorists willingly leap into the meatgrinder -- it's too bad that we ended the Iraq War so soon, because we probably killed hundreds of thousand of the bastards there.  Now the Israelis can do the necessary work of killing at least a few hundred, or few thousand, in the Gaza.

Mazel Tov.
rowyn July 23 2014, 20:47

Friday's Child, by Georgette Heyer

I finished Cotillion just before I went to visit alltoseek, so naturally I was raving to her about how much I liked it. She has long been a Heyer fan, so she bestowed Friday's Child upon me before I left.

This book is also part comedy, with lots of silly Regency-era scrapes and escapes from same. Friday's has a lot more romance to it than Cotillion, but I actually much preferred Cotillion.

This is largely because I found the male protagonist in Friday's difficult to take, mainly because his treatment of the female protagonist for parts of the book is, by modern standards, abusive. He's not a monster by Regency standards, but he's described on multiple occasions as doing things like boxing her ears and shaking her violently. It's the kind of minor violence that was common during the time period but it's squicky to read about it now. The emotional relationship is also rocky: much of the book's tension comes from the female protagonist making some social gaffe that she was understandably unaware of, and the male protagonist exploding at her until he realizes it's not actually her fault she wasn't taught all this as a young girl.

In fairness to the story, the male protagonist does eventually figure out that he's a jerk and has been treating her badly, and the resolution suggests he'll do better going forward. Still. At one point the female protagonist is being pursued by a very nice man who loves her quirky ways and doesn't want her to change. I found myself sorry that it wasn't feasible in the setting for her to ditch the male protagonist in favor of this guy, who really deserved her more.

The other thing that bugged me is there's a lot of terrible "romantic advice" in it, stuff about playing hard to get and suchlike that reminded me of books like The Game and The Rules. In fairness, the protagonists were usually repulsed by this advice and had to be tricked into it by their friends, but the way it ... kind of ... works and the semi-endorsement of such manipulative tactics was ick.

This aside, the book has many good points. The supporting cast was entertaining, well-meaning, and generally likeable. There's lots of funny bits. The protagonists get along well for a substantial chunk of the book, some times because they are both tripping merrily along the same foolhardy path, but it's still amusing to read. Some of the romantic parts are genuinely touching, especially one point where the male protagonist says he'll give up the female protagonist so she can be happy with her more-deserving suitor.

I'll give it a 7, and will read more Heyer later. For now, I'll take a break from Regency romance: it really is a crapsack world, and modern Regency novels keep reminding me of that. (Austen rarely does. I don't know why that is.)
merig00 July 23 2014, 17:10

В регионах России запустили "Чебурашку" - т.н. "чистый Интернет"

Это они серьёзно?

Originally posted by v_n_zb at В регионах России запустили "Чебурашку" - т.н. "чистый Интернет"
В продолжение тем
"Будни Госдуры РФ: Россия создаст собственный интернет и назовет его Чебурашка"
"ч/б рашка"

Как и было обещано Госдумой РФ, в России создан свой, "чистый" интернет. Пока еще это не Чебурашка, но уже почти.

Абонентам в ряде городов России предлагают перейти на "чистый" интернет, который больше напоминает кабельное телевидение. Это особое подключение, при котором уже нет доступа к популярным социальным сетям, а также многим другим популярным зарубежным ресурсам, например Youtube. Данный пакет предлагается для постоянного кабельного подключения.

При этом сразу указывается перечень доступных интернет-ресурсов в отдельном списке:

Мы предлагаем вам оказаться в абсолютно чистом Интернете, где невозможно даже случайно наткнуться на сомнительную информацию.

Теперь вам не нужно ждать, пока органы правопорядка обнаружат страницы с противоправным содержимым и добавят их в реестр запрещённых сайтов. Если вы выберете тариф «Чистый Интернет», у вас будет уникальная возможность посещать только сайты с гарантированно благопристойным содержимым.


ehowton July 23 2014, 05:04

Politically Agnostic

The Two-Party Swindle aside, there doesn't seem to be enough evidence to support voting as a mechanism to choose leaders who have our best interests in mind to manage the nation. Greed is a powerful and blinding aphrodisiac and it alone entices both Democrats and Republicans alike to stay office, voting their so-called conscious. And because polarized issues divide, its easy to see why the political rallies aim for as much fervor as a Christian revival, and for the same reason - appealing to strong emotions to increase membership.

Then again, if the general public feels vindicated when their candidate wins, I suppose the dupe is on us. Given the stranglehold lobbyists seem to have over the entire process, I don't imagine any candidates' personal beliefs has anything to do with swaying public policy except to incite further subjective debate. But that's just it, isn't it? As long as dichotomous, dyed-in-the-wool, unyielding thinkers are voting dichotomous, dyed-in-the-wool, unyielding candidates into office, how could any semblance of leadership ever emerge? Instead we get this vacillating changing of the guard which celebrates finger-pointing over responsibility.

Politics are inherently broad in scope and far more complex than most of us will ever really comprehend. But a government of critical-thinking deniers, for critical-thinking deniers, by critical-thinking deniers means the system is working perfectly, and we're the ones who are flawed.
melvin_udall July 23 2014, 01:18

A Liberal Finally Finds Reality And Truth

Must read. Dead on.

"We rushed to cast everyone in one of three roles: victim, victimizer, or champion of the oppressed. We lived our lives in a constant state of outraged indignation."
Sound familiar? Watch this with leftists from now on if it doesn't. You'll see it every time. That is their world.


"Goska recounts her experience with teaching. And she writes,
My students do know -- because they have been taught this -- that America is run by all-powerful racists who will never let them win. My students know -- because they have been drilled in this -- that the only way they can get ahead is to locate and cultivate those few white liberals who will pity them and scatter crumbs on their supplicant, bowed heads and into their outstretched palms. My students have learned to focus on the worst thing that ever happened to them, assume that it happened because America is unjust, and to recite that story, dirge-like, to whomever is in charge, from the welfare board to college professors, and to await receipt of largesse."

If you haven't read the story of the 20th Century Motor Company from Atlas Shrugged, STOP what you are doing and do so, keeping the above in mind:
kylecassidy July 22 2014, 06:45

New Photo: Joan of Arc

A few weeks ago trillian_stars and I were sitting around in the living room and I thought aloud that there really wasn't anything that I could think of that I wanted that I didn't actually have and trillian_stars said something like "Well, I could use a suit of plate armor...." and I realized that was very true.

So ... I took to Twitter, as one does, and this was rapidly resolved. We give you Joan of Arc.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Lighting is the giant Photoek Softlighter II and and a Pocket Wizard, triggered by a Nikon d800. The corpse is yagathai, of course.

Behind the Scenes. Clickenzee to Embiggen

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jordan179 July 22 2014, 03:55

Utter Hilarious Hilarity About Wiscon

Apparently, Wiscon faces some sort of "threat from within."  Not sure if this is pedophiles, Republicans or Changelings, but it's a big scary threat.  And the noble heroes and heroines who have already made Wiscon the envy of all progressives by reinstituting racial segregation want to rally to stop the big scary threat.  Whatever the heck it is.

The problem is that they think that "patriarchy" means, well ... let me quote the full glorious absurdity of this ...

I think Wiscon tries to work with the ideal of democratic anarchy, with large, broad-based communities working together to hash out actions without a centralized authority to impose ideas by force. Centralized forceful authority that can hammer down Rules From On-High is, as I understand it, the defining characteristic of patriarchy. Whether or not that authority has a penis or not. This particular meaning of "patriarchy" is a concept of how to do things, not something that is around people who identify as "male".

Here is the hilarious post.  I urge all serious-minded sympathizers with the glorious struggle of the People's Democratic Republic of Wiscon to join in to congratulate them on their super-serial attempts to fight the patriarchy!
kylecassidy July 21 2014, 15:13

In which I photograph Weird Al

Congrats to Al & his band (& Amanda Palmer) on their fight to the top of the Billboard charts.

I was happy to be able to photograph Al with the kind assistance of shadowcaptain who acted here as the Voice Activated Light Stand. I'm very happy with the way it came out.

Lighting was a single strobe in the small Photek Softlighter II (the 30 inch one), Nikon d700.

Al was awesome.

Weird Al. Clickenzee to EmWeirden!

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ehowton July 21 2014, 05:03

Booting a PowerMac G5

Decided the Best Course of ActionTM was to replace my garage iPod with a garage OSX + iTunes, but this time using ye olde re-purposed PowerMac G5.

But getting a PowerMac G5 to boot from an external, non-Apple optical drive via USB? Yeah no fun ever when I have to re-learn all this, so here, for my reference:

  1. Press-and-hold Option-Alt-O-F to boot into OpenFirmware.

  2. devalias works just like on the old SPARC boxes.

  3. Correct syntax for boot is:

    • ud:,\\:tbxi

drax0r's old G5
ehowton July 20 2014, 05:04

The Perfect Case

When work sent me an iPhone, I bought the cheapest case I could find - "Angry Birds Space" at Best Buy for $6.99. When that broke, Scott Ridenour gave me his old one at DRE. I really liked that one. When that broke, I found a $.99 cent one at the Mennonite Grocery here in town.

For my daughter's birthday I told her I'd take her to the kiosk in the mall to buy a blinged-out one; where I found myself a contoured, comfortable-to-hold, rubberized-interior hard-shell. Its like a stormtrooper. My son liked it so much he got an identical case - in black. Maybe he can be Darth Vader?

ehowton July 19 2014, 05:03

Chromecast + Android

While I appreciate the size of my iPhone versus, say hauling around an enormous flat panel screen and calling it a smart phone, I did find the functionality of drax0r's numerous android devices scattered around the house enormously helpful.

I decided some time ago I didn't require an iPad or other knock-off tablet for any reason, even those reasons which included finding them invaluable once owned. But having Chromecast-enabled apps casting from my sole communication device was proving problematic; enter an embarrassingly inexpensive 7" Android tablet who's sole purpose is to Chromecast, sitting adjacent my similarly-purposed remotes.

It doesn't need to do anything else, and it does what its supposed to, perfectly.

dining_dragon July 19 2014, 02:01

Small Bites #8


Belle Chevre Cheese

Your weekly serving of local foodie news!
  • Reader Chris wrote in this week to report that "Taqueria El Cazador truck #3 [has been] parked by the old Mapco Mart at Old Railroad Bed Rd. and Hwy 72 for the past week or so. I stopped there today and it looks like a fairly permanent spot with a small gravel area around it and a picnic table." Thanks for the tip Chris!
  • Tomorrow is the Food Policy Council's planning session at the Chuch of the Nativity in Downtown Huntsville. This is a chance to get involved with our local food community and help advise on policies to foster locally sustainable food for all. (I'll be there, so if you come out, say hi!)
  • While out at lunch the other day, I spotted a sign for Crumb Droppers. That gives us three restaurant delivery services in the area (the others being GrubSouth and WesBees). Have you used any of them?
  • D&L Bistro (12 years) and Sandwich Farm (2 years) both celebrated anniversaries this week! I love seeing our local spots thrive. : )
  • In a fascinating collision of social media and hunger relief, Virgin Mobile has created the #mealforameal initiative. For every food picture uploaded with the #mealforameal hashtag, they will donate a meal to a hungry person in Australia. So if you, like me, enjoy sharing pictures of your meals, add the hashtag and make a difference at the same time!
  • Next Thursday, Rocket Hatch is putting on a Sip and Hatch event with a food focus! Come hear stories from Caitlin Lyons (Pizzelle's Confections), Nicole Castle (Food Systems Consultant and Photographer), Tasia Malakasis (Belle Chevre), and Karen Wynne (Rosita's Farm) and network with other foodies and food entrepreneurs! (I'll be there as well. : )
  • Speaking of Belle Chevre, I had the good fortune to try their Southern Belle this week. Goat cheese coated in bourbon and pecans...it was absolute perfection on some soft french bread. We added tomato slices as well (see the photo above), but I actually preferred it without.
  • My latest recommendation at Valley Planet is for Papa Gyros. (I know, couldn't believe I hadn't written it up yet either.)
  • The Convention and Visitor's Bureau has announced the first Restaurant Week event! August 14th, An Evening with the Chefs, hosted by Christy Jordan! All proceeds benefit Deep Roots, so get your tickets now!
  • Cast your vote for Alabama's Best Steak! Let's get one of our local spots in the running. : )
  • Piper and Leaf has launched a new blog, The Piping Piper. Head over to learn about their ingredients, meet their staff, and discover other local shops.
If you have foodie happenings you would like shared, drop me a line using the contact tab above.

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